Flushing Kids Optometrist

Flushing Kids Optometrist

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Pediatric Eye Care in Flushing

Do you need a Flushing kids optometrist for your child? If so, you’ve found one at The Eye Shop. Their first exam should be as early as nine months. It’s not enough to get your children’s eyes examined by their pediatrician. The pediatrician will not be able to detect subtle problems such as amblyopia; which is a serious since it causes vision loss. However, an eye doctor would be able to detect it during an eye exam.

When it comes to something as important as your children’s vision, you can’t accept anything less than the best. If you’re looking for an exceptional Flushing kids optometrist, you’re in the right place. Your children will be in excellent hands at our practice. Our eye doctors at The Eye Shop are highly-trained and experienced in maintaining the eye health of our young patients. We have experienced pediatric optometrists at The Eye Shop. Our eye doctors have a great deal of experience providing our pediatric patients with exceptional eye care. You can rest assured that your children will receive the exceptional eye care they need and deserve. Since we care for patients of all ages, we are fully equipped to handle all your eyecare needs and of your entire family. We offer a full array of eyecare services. Some of our services and features include but aren’t limited to: comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens exams and fittings, the diagnosis, treatment and management of dry eyes and eye infections. We have an extensive selection of eyewear including designer eyeglass frames & sunglasses. We also have exceptional lens specialists who will assist you with choosing the best lenses to meet your vision correction needs, personal preference and budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about our practice, we encourage you to contact our office to set up a consultation with our Flushing kids optometrist. We look forward to your call and to meeting you and your children very soon.

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